Football Referees Salary (Per Game, World Cup, Premier League)

Previously we’ve discussed the footballers’ salaries and today we will reveal to you the football referees’ salaries. Find important info about the Football Referees Salary and wage fees. Know How much a football referee earns. Also, know Who is the highest-paid referee in football is. Highest Paid Footballers in the World 2023.

Football Referees Salary

Find out Football Referees Salary per Game in different competitions based on different categories.

How much does a football referee earn?

Well. it’s a simple question in look but has a quite complex answer. Because football referees’ salaries depend upon different categories, competitions, and roles. So, it differs from ref to ref, from competition to competition, and from one type of ref to another.

Football Referee Salary per Game

Football referee salary per game may start from as low as €500 for assistant referees to €750 for the main refs. And it can be as high as €10k! Find out football referees’ salaries per game in the below chart.

Type of Officials Per Match Fees During Int. Friendlies
Match Referees 750 Euros
Assistant Referees 500 Euros
Fourth Official 500 Euros
Video Assistant Referees 600 Euros

FIFA Referees Salary in World Cup

Find out FIFA Referees’ salaries based on the latest Qatar World Cup pay scale.

Type of Officials Per Match Fees Playoff & Finals Fees Tournament Payouts
Match Referees 5k Euros 10k Euros 300k Euros
Assistant Referees 2.5k Euros 5k Euros 150k Euros
Fourth Official 2.5k Euros 5k Euros 150k Euros
Video Assistant Referees 3k Euros 5k Euros 175k Euros

Football Referees Salary UK

Football referees’ salary in the UK is considerably higher than in other countries. The football game conductors do get a handsome amount of wage fees in the land where football has immense popularity. Premier League referees do receive a basic salary from the FA. But apart from this, the officials also bag a match fee for conducting a game. Their match fees for officiating an EPL game is 1500 Pounds for the main refs and 850 Pounds for their assistants.

Football Referees Salary
Football Referee Salary per Game in UK
Match Referees Salary in Premier League 1500 British Pound per Match
Assistant Referees Salary in Premier League 850 British Pound per Match
Yearly Income of Premier League Refs 70k to 200k GBP per Year

Soccer Referee Salary

The average Professional Soccer Referees’ salary in the United States is as much as 41,935 US Dollars. The sum is the highest in the San Francisco area where soccer officials make around 63k US Dollars. Soccer match officials’ wage fees range from $10,507 to $214,554. As there is a tax issue and 22% of the wage fees are wiped out so the average bagging of a soccer referee in the US is $36,770/year.

Average Soccer Referee Salary in the USA 41,935 US Dollars
Lowest Soccer Referee Earning per Year 10,507 US Dollars
Highest Soccer Referee Earning per Year 214,554 US Dollars
Tax 22%
Average Soccer Referee Yearly Bagging After Taxes 36,770 US Dollars

How much does World Cup final referee make?

A FIFA World Cup Final referee takes 10k Euros for officiating the biggest game in world football. The alluded sum is awarded to the match referee and the Polish ref of Argentina vs France match received 10k Euros for the final. On the other hand, the assistant refs, Fourth Official, and the VAR all pocketed 5k euros. The tournament payout in Qatar for the main refs was 300k Euros followed by 150k euros for the assistants and the 4th officials.

Who is the highest-paid referee in football?

Take a look at the highest-paid referees in the world in 2023. Al Nassr Players Salary Cap 2023.

  • Felix Brych
  • Daniele Orsato
  • Bjorn Kuipers
  • Damir Skomina
  • Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
  • Anthony Taylor
  • Cüneyt Çakır
  • Nestor Pitana
  • Martin Atkinson
  • Mark Geiger

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