Al Nassr Players Salary Cap 2023 (Weekly Wages)

Al-Nassr is a football club that competes in the Saudi League and is one of the giant clubs in the Middle East country. The club came to huge attention when they started negotiating with Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best ever to play the game. CR7’s arrival made the club a hotcake topic for soccer enthusiasts across the planet. Here is every detail about Al Nassr players 2023 along with their salary caps and weekly wages chart. Highest Paid Footballers in the World 2023 (Weekly, All Time).

Al Nassr Players Salary 2023

See the full list of Al Nassr Players in 2023 and also find out how much they receive each week and the complete salary chart of the club.

Al Nassr Players 2023

See all the Al Nassr squad members in 2023.

Player Name Country Position
David Ospina Colombia Goalkeeper
Abdul Aziz Rahma Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Nawaf Al Aqidi Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Waleed Abdullah Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Amin Al Bukhari Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Agustin Rossi Argentina Goalkeeper
Nawaf Boushal Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdulelah Al Amri Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdul Aziz Al Faraj Saudi Arabia Defender
Mohammed Al Fatil Saudi Arabia Defender
Sultan Al Ghanam Saudi Arabia Defender
Hamed Al Mansour Saudi Arabia Defender
Mohammed Qassem Al Nakhli Saudi Arabia Defender
Alvaro Gonzalez Spain Defender
Yousef Haqawi Saudi Arabia Defender
Aser Hwswai Saudi Arabia Defender
Ghislain Konan Cote d’Ivoire Defender
Ali Alawjami Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdullah Madu Saudi Arabia Defender
Majed Mohammed Saudi Arabia Defender
Ayman Yahya Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdulaziz Al Aliwa Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Ali Al Hassan Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdullah Al Khaibari Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Sami Al Naji Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdulmajeed Al Sulaiheem Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Luiz Gustavo Brazil Midfielder
Abdulfattah Asiri Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Khalid Kaabi Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Gonzalo Martinez Argentina Midfielder
Talisca Brazil Midfielder
Muhammad Sahlouli Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Forward
Muhammad Abdullah Saudi Arabia Forward
Sadio Mane Senegal Forward
Meshari Al Nemer Saudi Arabia Forward
Fahad Zubaidi Saudi Arabia Forward
Abdulrahman Ghareeb Saudi Arabia Forward
Mohammed Maran Saudi Arabia Forward
Jaloliddin Masharipov Uzbekistan Forward

Al Nassr FC Players Salary Cap

The complete Al Nassr players’ weekly wages and the yearly salary cap is presented below with a chart.

Al Nassr Players Salary 2023
Al Nassr FC Players Salary Cap 2023

Al Nassr Players Weekly Wages

Footballer Name Weekly Wage Fee Yearly Salary
Cristiano Ronaldo 3.4 Million GBP 177 Million GBP
Sadio Mane 365k GBP 19 Million GBP
Luiz Gustavo 73.8k GBP 3.85 Million GBP
Talisca 53.5k GBP 2.78 Million GBP
David Ospina 45k GBP 2.34 Million GBP
Gonzalo Martinez 23k GBP 1.2 Million GBP
Ghislain Konan 23k GBP 1.2 Million GBP
Abdulfattah Asiri 20k GBP 1.04 Million GBP
Abdullah Madu 19k GBP 988k GBP
Ayman Yahya 18k GBP 936k GBP
Abdulmajeed Al Sulaiheem 18k GBP 936k GBP
Abdullah Al Khaibari 17k GBP 884k GBP
Sultan Al Ghanam 14k GBP 728k GBP
Waleed Abdullah 12k GBP 624k GBP
Sami Al Naji 11k GBP 572k GBP
Alvaro Gonzalez 10.65k GBP 554k GBP
Abdulelah Al Amri 9.5k GBP 494k GBP
Ali Al Hassan 9.5k GBP 494k GBP
Hamed Al Mansour 7.2k GBP 374k GBP
Abdul Aziz Rahma N/A N/A
Nawaf Al Aqidi N/A N/A
Amin Al Bukhari N/A N/A
Agustin Rossi N/A N/A
Nawaf Boushal N/A N/A
Abdul Aziz Al Faraj N/A N/A
Mohammed Al Fatil N/A N/A
Mohammed Qassem Al Nakhli N/A N/A
Yousef Haqawi N/A N/A
Aser Hwswai N/A N/A
Ali Alawjami N/A N/A
Majed Mohammed N/A N/A
Abdulaziz Al Aliwa N/A N/A
Muhammad Sahlouli N/A N/A
Muhammad Abdullah N/A N/A
Meshari Al Nemer N/A N/A
Fahad Zubaidi N/A N/A
Abdulrahman Ghareeb N/A N/A
Mohammed Maran N/A N/A
Jaloliddin Masharipov N/A N/A

Who is the highest-paid player in Al Nassr?

This question has one simple answer. It’s Cristiano Ronaldo. However, apart from Ronaldo, the highest-earners in the club are.

  • Sadio Mane
  • Luiz Gustavo
  • Talisca
  • David Ospina
  • Gonazlo Martinez
  • Ghislain Konan
  • Abdulfattah Asiri

All of these players bag more than a million Pounds per year.

How much does Ronaldo get paid at Al Nassr?

CR7 will get around 3.4 million British pounds every week making his annual sum as much as 177 million GBP. All of the other Al-Nassr players’ combined salary won’t make even one-fifth of what Cristiano will take home.

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