Highest Paid Footballers in the World 2023 (Weekly, All Time)

Football has unparalleled fame & popularity worldwide. But apart from its top-notch superiority as a game, it’s also the sport that yields the most significant amount of money. Why won’t it be? From LA to Sydney, from the Andes to the Alps, everyone from a child to the elderly is simply influenced by this game. Hence, investors have no hesitation at all to invest big and pay the stars with a massive pay scale. And now here will bring you the full list of the Highest Paid Footballers in the World in 2023. Bein Sports Live APK Download (Install & guide).

Highest Paid Footballers 2023

See who are Highest Paid Footballers in 2023. Get to know their Weekly & Annual Wages. Also, find who is the Highest Paid Footballer of all time.

Highest Paid Football Players 2023

The top 10 highest-paid football players in 2023 are presented below with their current clubs and countries.

Player Name Country Current Club
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Al Nassr
Kylian Mbappe France Paris Saint-Germain
Leo Messi Argentina Paris Saint-Germain
Neymar Jr Brazil Paris Saint-Germain
Mohamed Salah Egypt Liverpool
Erling Haaland Norway Manchester City
Robert Lewandowski Poland FC Barcelona
Eden Hazard Belgium Manchester City
Andres Iniesta Spain Vissel Kobe
Kevin De Bruyne Belgium Manchester City

Highest Paid Footballers Weekly Wages

See how much the highest-paid football players receive every 7-days for the services they provide to their clubs. It will show you their overall income before taxes (salary + endorsements).

Highest Paid Footballers 2023
Highest Paid Football Players 2023 Weekly & Annual Wages
Footballer Name Weekly Wage Fee in US Currency Weekly Salary in British Currency
Cristiano Ronaldo 4.12 Million US Dollars 3.33 Million British Pounds
Kylian Mbappe 2.46 Million US Dollars 2.21 Million British Pounds
Leo Messi 2.3 Million US Dollars 2.08 Million British Pounds
Neymar Jr 1.67 Million US Dollars 1.5 Million British Pounds
Mohamed Salah 1.02 Million US Dollars 900k British Pounds
Erling Haaland 750k US Dollars 675k British Pounds
Robert Lewandowski 675k US Dollars 600k British Pounds
Eden Hazard 600k US Dollars 540k British Pounds
Andres Iniesta 580k US Dollars 520k British Pounds
Kevin De Bruyne 560k US Dollars 510k British Pounds

Highest Paid Soccer Players’ Annual Salary

Here is the chart that will show you the contracted salaries provided to the top-earning soccer stars every season. The chart includes their overall income including the wages from the clubs as well as incomes from the endorsement deals.

Soccer Player Name Annual Salary in Dollars Yearly Salary in Pounds
Cristiano Ronaldo 214 Million US Dollars 173 Million British Pounds
Kylian Mbappe 128 Million US Dollars 115 Million British Pounds
Leo Messi 120 Million US Dollars 108 Million British Pounds
Neymar Jr 87 Million US Dollars 78 Million British Pounds
Mohamed Salah 53 Million US Dollars 47 Million British Pounds
Erling Haaland 39 Million US Dollars 35 Million British Pounds
Robert Lewandowski 35 Million US Dollars 31 Million British Pounds
Eden Hazard 31 Million US Dollars 28 Million British Pounds
Andres Iniesta 30 Million US Dollars 27 Million British Pounds
Kevin De Bruyne 29 Million US Dollars 26.5 Million British Pounds

Who is the highest-paid football player in 2023?

The above chart clearly helps you identify who the highest-earning football player is in 2023. The GOAT status might have slipped out of his hand after Leo’s World Cup glory, but Cristiano has once again made a massive headline for being the highest-paid footballer in the world. Right after the world cup, he joined Saudi League side Al Nassr. The move handed him an enormous 75 million US Dollars in annual salary. Making him the highest-paid football star in the world. Along with endorsements, the amount raises as high as 214 million Dollars.

Highest Paid Footballer of All Time

Well, CR7 walked across continents to join Al Nassr as he made a long run to walk away from Europe. But this sensational move doesn’t only make him the highest-earning footballer in the world but also ensures that he becomes the highest-paid footballer of all time. No footballer has ever earned that huge sum of money before. So, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid football player of all time.

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