Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Biography, Net Worth, Age, Insta

Antonella Roccuzzo is one of the most famous wives in sporting history. Why won’t she be? She is the longtime and only partner of the Greatest Footballer of All Time Lionel Messi. This Latin Beauty has been with the Left-footed magician for more than a decade. Here we will reveal Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Biography. Know more about Antonella Roccuzzo Age, Height, Net Worth, Profession, Children, etc. Also find Antonella Roccuzzo Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more. Alejandro Garnacho Biography, Market Value, Salary, GF, Age, Idol.

Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Biography

Take a look at the quick facts on Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo and find her compressed biography.

Full Name Antonella Roccuzzo
Date of Birth February 26th, 1988
Place of Birth Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Current Age 35 Years Old
Nationality Argentina
Profession Model, Businesswoman, Social Media Influencer
Current Residence Barcelona, Spain
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lionel Messi
Nickname Anto, Negra

Antonella Roccuzzo Birthday

Messi’s wife was born on February 26th, 1988. Her birthplace is Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina just like Lionel himself.

Antonella Roccuzzo Age

Anto currently ages 35 in 2023. She is just 6 months younger than her counterpart Leo. Anto reached her mid-30s in February 2023.

Antonella Rocuzzo Net Worth
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Antonella Roccuzzo Height & Weight

Roccuzzo is a brunette with black eyes. The Latina beauty highly maintains her weight, figure, and fitness. This beautiful lady has a height of 157 cm or 1.57 meters. In the British Measurements, she is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her latest estimated body weight is 54 Kg or 119 lbs.

Antonella Roccuzzo Father

Roccuzzo’s father’s name is Jose Ruben Roccuzzo. Messi’s father-in-law Jose was a businessman. Her mother is Patricia Blanko who served as a homemaker. Anto was raised along with her 2 siblings Carla and Paula.

What is the religion of Messi’s wife?

Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo is a Christian. Her religion is Christianity. Leo Messi is also a Christian.

Antonella Roccuzzo Ex

Antonella was the cousin of Luca Scaglia, a childhood friend of Messi. Hence, Leo and Anto knew each other since the very beginning stage of their lives. However, after Messi’s departure from Barcelona, Antonella went into an affair with another guy for some time. But then they got re-attached in 2005 and things got serious in 2007. They are said to start dating on July 20th, 2007 during a Friendship Day Celebration.

However, before that period, prior to Messi’s return to Argentina Anto was in an affair. Later she left her previous BF to get attached to Leo. Her ex revealed in a statement about their situation. The man had some regrets but seemed to have some satisfaction thinking that her GF left her for the world’s best footballer. He told, “She dumped me, but at least she didn’t leave me for any old bloke – she dumped me for Messi…”

Messi Wife Antonella Rocuzzo Net Worth

Rocuzzo has an estimated net worth of at least 20 million US Dollars as of 2023. The sources of her income are modeling, business investments, and social media appearances. Moreover, she is also a rightsholder of part of the immense Leo Messi properties. She is one of the richest celebrity wives as well.

Messi Wife Net Worth 20 Million US Dollars
Antonella Rocuzzo Net Worth 2023 18.1 Million Euros
Anto Messi Net Worth 16 Million GBP
Sources of Earnings Modeling, Business Investments, & Social Media Appearances

Messi Wife Photos

Take a look at some Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Photos.

Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Biography
Antonella Roccuzzo Age Height Weight


Antonella Roccuzzo Instagram

Anto is much more popular on Instagram than many of the star athletes themselves. Mrs. Messi’s official Instagram account has more than 37 million followers. She is a social media influencer and posts often through her account. She also follows around 750 people on IG. Here is Antonella Roccuzzo Instagram Link.

Antonella Roccuzzo Facebook

Roccuzzo doesn’t have an official Facebook ID. However, there is an unofficial fan page. And that fan page also has more than 4 million followers. That shows how much popular she is worldwide!

Antonella Roccuzzo Wikipedia

Roccuzzo’s Wikipedia page is here. But hope our content would provide you with much info about her personal and professional life.

Who is Messi first wife?

Antonella Roccuzzo is Messi’s first wife. In fact, she is the only wife of Leo Messi.

Is Messi wife a model?

Yes, Messi wife Antonella is a Latina model.

Is Messi wife a dentist?

Antonella was trained to be a dentist at her University but she chose to be a model instead. She also works as a social media influencer and businesswoman.

When did Messi propose to his wife?

Messi proposed to her wife in 2010 but got married 7 years later on June 30th, 2017.

How long have Messi and wife been together?

Messi and his wife got married in June 2017 and their marital life is 6 years long. Before that, they dated for almost 10 years from 2007 to 2017. However, they knew each other and had a childhood relationship from much before when Messi was yet to leave Rosario for Barcelona.

When did Messi have his first kid?

Messi had his first kid Thiago Messi born in 2012. The eldest son of Leo currently ages 10.

How many girlfriends has Messi have?

Messi served a single club for more than one and a half decades. He didn’t leave the club until a forced situation was made. He is more like a stable-minded man considering his woman’s choice. With such fame and richness, he would have got many women in her arms if he would like to. But he stayed with one woman since the very beginning. Most of the star footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, etc had many women in their lives. But Leo seemed to be different in this case.

How many babies do Messi have?

Messi and Antonella share 3 children. All 3 of them are boys (sons). They are Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi, and Ciro Messi.

Child Name Birth Day Current Age
Thiago Messi (1st Son) November 2nd, 2012 10 Years Old
Mateo Messi (2nd Son) September 11th, 2015 7 Years Old
Ciro Messi (3rd Son) March 10th, 2018 5 Years Old

Who is the mother of Messi first child?

Another FAQ on Leo Messi’s marital life. But the answer is the very same. It’s Antonella Roccuzzo.

Does Messi have second wife?

No, definitely not. He only has one wife and he loves her so much.

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