Bettie Page Height, Net Worth, Measurements, Bio, Cause of death

You might be fond of many female superstars of the modern era for their erotic poses and attitude. But there were legends who paved the way for the current stars even during the 1950s. Bettie Mae Page is one of them. Who is Bettie Page? How famous was Bettie Page and what was the reason for her popularity? How much is Bettie Page’s net worth? Also, How old was Bettie Page when she died? Take a glimpse at Actress Bettie Page biography revealing her height, age, net worth, husband, love life, shoes, haircut, cause of death, and more.

Bettie Page Actress

The late Bettie Page was an actress of the mid-twentieth century. The American model was often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups”. She was from Nashville, Tennessee. She has had lusty appearances in many films and shows.

How famous was Bettie Page? Why was Bettie Page so popular?

Bettie won the title “Miss Pinup Girl of the World” in 1955. In January that year, she was the centerfold in Playboy’s January issue. Indeed the media named her the “Girl with the Perfect Figure”. One could see her photographs appearing in everything from record albums to playing cards. The model was never shy of posing in erotic fashion and it made her a hit. Men’s magazines such as Wink, Titter, Eyefull, Beauty Parade, etc often featured her photos.

Bettie Page Height
Why was Bettie Page so popular? How famous was Bettie Page?

Bettie Page Height, Age, Weight, Measurements

The pinup girl took birth on April 22, 1923. Her birthplace is Nashville, Tennessee. She would have been 100 had she been alive now. However, the 50s superhit model said goodbye to this world on December 11, 2008, aged 85 years. B. Page was exactly 5 ft 5.5 inch tall. In meters, she was 1.664m tall. During the pick of her modeling career, she weighed 128-130 pounds or around 58 Kg. During the mid-50s, she gave her measurements stating 36-23-35.5. No doubt, she was so much attractive to the men.

Bettie Page Movies and TV Shows (Filmography)

Page appeared in a number of sex-based movies and the list includes the likes of Striporama, Varietease, Teaserama, etc. Not only that during the early years of this century, some documentaries or movies were made about her highlighting her lifestyle & career.

Bettie Page Shoes, Haircut

The model had a unique choice for the shoes and she was so advanced in her time that her shoes are recognized as beyond-generation classic. Girls and women of the modern era still love to wear the shoes that the model used to wear many decades ago. She also had a unique type of hairstyle which was so charming. What is Bettie Page haircut called? “Bettie Bangs”.

Bettie Page Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the famous model had a net worth of $20 million dollars at the time of her death. She earned most of her wealth as an adult model. The sum shows, how much popular and rich she was and how advanced she was of her time & generation.

Bettie Page Cause of Death

Page’s long-time friend and business agent Mark Roesler quoted the actress had a heart attack. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition on December 6, 2008. LA-based TV station KNBC claimed Page had pneumonia. By the way, on December 11th, 2008, the members of her family agreed to discontinue life support and she died aged 85. Andre the Giant Wife Jean Christensen.

Bettie Page Biography

Full Name Bettie Mae Page
Date of Birth April 22, 1923
Age 85 Years (D 2008)
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Model, Actress
Spouse William E. Neal, Armond Walterson, Harry Lear
Career Status Retired
Height 5 feet 5.5 inch, 1.66 m
Net Worth US$20 Million
Life Status Dead
Died December 11, 2008
Death Reason Heart Attack / Pneumonia

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