Awesome Kong Net Worth, Weight, Height, Age, WWE (Kharma)

Awesome Kong is a professional wrestler who is currently semi-retired. You may also know her as an actress. Who is Awesome Kong or Amazing Kong? How heavy is Awesome Kong? Who was Awesome Kong’s manager? Is Awesome Kong retired? Get all these questions answered and find net worth, height, weight, age, husband name, manager name, etc. everything about WWE wrestler Awesome Kong or Amazing Kong. Amy Dumas Lita.

Who is Awesome Kong?

Awesome Kong is the ring name of Kia Stevens in the wrestling platform Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or Impact Wrestling. You may have also watched her on platforms like Ring of Honor (ROH), Shimmer Women Athletes, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), etc. In fact, she was in the most popular WWE where her ring name was Kharma. Her other names are Amazing Kong, Margaret, Kharma, etc.

Awesome Kong WWE, Real Name

This gigantic lady’s original or real-life name is Kia Stevens. However, fans mostly know her by her ring names just like other wrestling superstars or divas.

What is Awesome Kong Real Name? Kia Michelle Stevens
Awesome Kong Ring Names Kharma, Awesome Kong, Amazing Kong, Margaret

Awesome Kong Net Worth

There is no actual confirmation about the absolute sum of Kia Stevens or Awesome Kong’s net worth. However, sources indicate Kia Stevens’s net worth as of now is around 5 million US dollars. Her major income sources have been wrestling contracts, prize money, acting appearances, as well as endorsement deals.

Amazing Kong/ Kharma / Kia Stevens Net Worth 5 million US Dollars
Awesome Kong Earning Sources Wrestling Contracts, Endorsement Deals, Prize Money, Acting Appearances

Awesome Kong Weight, Height, Age

Kia Stevens or Kharma’s date of birth is September 4, 1977. Hence, she is 46 years old in 2023/24. Awesome Kong is actually a giant lady. She is more massive than many big men. She is 6 feet tall or in meters her height is 1.83m. And talk about her weight? She weighs 124 Kg or 273 pounds.

Kia Stevens Age 46 Years
WWE Kharma Weight 124 Kilogram or 273 Pounds
Awesome Kong Height 6 feet or 1.83m

Awesome Kong Husband

WWE Kharma or TNA Awesome Kong has been dating Dan Ouellette since 2007. The couple got engaged in December 2011 and they’re still together. The WWE Diva confirmed her pregnancy on May 30, 2011. However, she suffered a miscarriage on December 31, 2011.

Awesome Kong vs Nia Jax

Awesome Kong vs Nia Jax
Amazing Kong vs Nia Jax

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim
Amazing Kong vs Gail Kim

Awesome Kong PNG

Here are Awesome Kong Kharma’s PNG photos or pics.

Awesome Kong Net Worth
Awesome Kong Weight & Height

Awesome Kong Instagram

Her official Instagram account is SpinningFist. The account has just over 40k followers at the moment. The account is officially verified but is probably run by an admin. Here is the WWE Kharma or Kia Stevens Instagram Link.

Is Awesome Kong retired?

She is actually semi-retired at the moment. The Kharma or Awesome Kong said goodbye to the wrestling arena on August 28, 2021, but will still make occasional appearances during special events.

How heavy is Awesome Kong?

Kia Stevens alias Kharma alias Awesome Kong is as heavy as 124 Kg or 273 pounds. That’s almost twice of average sub-continental man’s weight and more than 2 and a half times that of an average Indian region woman.

Who was Awesome Kong manager?

Kong debuted an anonymous manager wearing a niqāb in Impact Wrestling. The media later revealed her name. Kong’s anonymous manager’s name is “Raisha Saeed”. With the manager’s help Kong finally won the Women’s Knockout Championship.

What ever happened to Awesome Kong?

  • Kong has retired from wrestling (semi-retirement).
  • Kharma suffered a miscarriage in 2011.
  • In 2012, she revealed that she was on a mission to lose weight and recruited a team of fitness experts and a therapist.

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